7 Fun Latino-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas

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Looking for Latino-inspired Halloween costume ideas that don’t make you cringe? Searching for a costume that pays homage to Hispanic roots and culture without offending anybody? Keep on reading!

Latino Halloween Costume Ideas

I’ve always been a big fan of Halloween and dressing up. I like to see people get creative with their costumes and by creative I don’t mean sexy police officer or sexy barmaid or sexy zombie or sexy anything. Enough with the sexy costumes already! I mean more like thinking out of the caja. Like how about some fun Latino costumes that won’t offend us? Because nobody needs to see another frat boy wearing a ginormous sombrero and pancho ever again.

Looking for Latino-inspired Halloween costume ideas that don't make you cringe? Here are 7 great costume ideas inspired by Latino icons.

Can’t come up with anything? I’ve got some ideas for you. I have included affiliate links, which mean that I make a small commission out of every sale to help support this blog at no extra cost to you.

7 Latino-Inspired Costume Ideas for Halloween

1. Frida Kahlo
Frida Kahlo baby beanie

Dressing like the iconic Mexican artist for Halloween is pretty easy because her style is so recognizable. But what if you want to dress a kiddo who has very little hair to speak of as Frida? Not to worry, you can buy one of these adorable Frida Kahlo baby hats and you are done. Or you can buy a  gorgeous Pink Floral Paisley floral crown on Etsy, $35

2. Salvador Dali
Salvador Dali Costume

Frida Kahlo is not the only artist that is easy to embody on Halloween. Salvador Dali’s mustache is so recognizable that all you have to do is add a few paintbrushes as props and before you know it you’ve morphed into the surrealist painter. To buy: Amazon, $ 7.21

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3. La Chilindrina
La Chilindrina Costume

La Chilindrina’s outfit is something you could recreate on your own, twisted sweater and all or you could go the easy route and get a premade one. I would love to see a Chilindrina mother and daughter duo this year. To buy find all the options available at  Amazon.

4. El Chavo del Ocho
El Chavo del Ocho Costume

I can’t really bring up La Chilindrina without thinking of El Chavo del Ocho, which is such a great Halloween costume idea because “eso…eso…eso!”  You can get a El Chavo inspired-hat on Amazon

5. El Chapulín Colorado
El Chapulin Colorado Costume

El Chapulín Colorado will always be one of my favorite superheroes. I mean who doesn’t love this guy? Sure he may not actually be all that helpful if you’re in a real bind, but I bet you he will be tons of fun on Halloween. To buy, find options on Etsy.

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6. Pan Dulce
Pan dulce backpack

Call me crazy, but I’ve always had a thing for inanimate object costumes. I don’t know why, but they crack me up which is why I thought it would be funny to see someone dressed up as pan dulce. I couldn’t find a costume, but I did find this adorable backpack that you could wear facing forward on Halloween to be pan dulce. The bonus is that if you are young enough to still go trick or treating, you can stash your treats inside the pack. Find options on Etsy.

7. Luchador
Lucha Libre costume

There are tons of Lucha Libre luchador costumes to choose from. Check out Mask Maniac for capes and masks. Amazon also has a wide selection.

What’s your favorite Halloween costume idea?

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Looking for Latino-inspired Halloween costume ideas that don't make you cringe? Here are 7 great costume ideas inspired by Latino icons.

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