Video: How To Make Day of the Dead Marshmallow Pops

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Sugar skul pops

How is it that even though I didn’t celebrate Día de los Muertos when I was growing up, I find myself creating Day of the Dead marshmallow pops much to my children’s delight?

Well, even though my family is Mexican and I’m first generation born here somehow Día de los Muertos wasn’t something that we commemorated at home when I was a child. But the beautiful thing about culture is that it’s never too late to incorporate elements that you love into your life.

Now that I’m a mother I’m happy to say that my children do get to participate in the beauty of Día de los Muertos. I find the Day of the Dead to be a great way to talk about death without it being scary to my children. We get to remember those we have lost in a joyful way and I get to tell them stories of our loved ones or antepasados they never got the chance to meet. It’s gives you the opportunity to also share your family history. The conversations happen while we decorate, set up an altar or create an edible craft like these Day of the Dead marshmallow pops decorated like sugar skulls.

Let me show you how easy and fun these tasty calaveras are to make.

How To Make Day of the Dead Marshmallow Pops


  • White chocolate chips
  • Marshmallows (the large kind)
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Icing writer tubes


Start off by melting the white chocolate chips in a bowl that fits snugly over a saucepan of warm water that you are just barely simmering on your stovetop. The bowl shouldn’t come into contact with the water so that the white chocolate doesn’t scorch. Stir until most of the chips are melted, but there are still a few small lumps that will melt as you continue to stir once you’ve removed the bowl from saucepan.

While you are doing the melting, you can have any little helpers you have at your disposal shaping the marshmallows into skulls by squishing one end of the marshmallow so that it is narrower than the other end. Then have them skewer the marshmallows with the popsicle sticks through the newly-squished narrower end.

Use a small spatula to cover each marshmallow pop with melted chocolate. Covering the marshmallow completely will help keep it from drying out if you don’t plan on eating your treats right away. Once each pop has been covered with white chocolate you can put them in a cup filled with rice or beans (the rice or beans help the pop stay standing) so that the white chocolate can harden.

colored icing writer tubes

White chocolate hardens pretty quickly and as soon as it isn’t sticky to the touch, you can start decorating each pop like a sugar skull. We tried both icing writer tubes and edible color markers and I must say that the icing writer tubes worked WAY better, but are harder for little hands to use.

Day of the Dead Marshmallow Pops

The results are colorful, lovely and yummy. Check out the how-to video below and let your imagination lead the way.

Also, you can make a special bread called Pan de Muertos.

En español: Calaveras de malvaviscos o marshmallows para el Día de los Muertos


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