Simple Tips To Stay Organized On The Go

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Staying organized when you’re always on the go can be hard. There are so many things to take care of and sometimes I feel like I can’t fully concentrate on one task before being summoned to tend to something else. On top of that, I have started traveling for work once again, so being organized is key to my mental sanity. 

That’s why I have figured out a few strategies that are simple to execute and I want to share them with you. I know I can’t be the only one feeling this struggle. 

How to stay organized

  1. Find a place for everything. For example, keep your makeup in a special toiletry bag or pouch, keep your phone chargers in a separate bag, and use another pouch for hand sanitizer, masks and wipes.
  2. Make lists. Lists can be your best friends because they help you visualize what needs to be done. I make to-do lists all the time and I’m also a huge fan of packing lists. 
  3. Focus on achieving goals and not perfection. Find a good enough solution that works for you instead of aiming for the perfect home or color coded closet. For example, my goal is to easily find my makeup when I travel or am on the go, not to have everything classified by name and beauty product type. Of course organizing my stuff helps me find what I need but once things are contained in a bag, I don’t stress about how they look inside the toiletry bag. 
  4. Use your smartphone’s apps and calendars. Set up reminders and make sure to check what needs to get done by when.
  5. Keep your mess contained. If you’re struggling with seeing your stuff all over the place, try to keep similar items in a container, whether it’s a basket, pouch, bin or drawer. When things start to overflow, it’s time to do start purging what you don’t use. 

Accessories to help you stay organized

Ever struggle with finding what you need in your handbag? Need to easily keep your makeup in just one place? Are you messy but organized like me?

This will make it SO easy to keep your essentials within reach!

Learn how to easily stay organized on the go, whether during your busy day to day or when you travel.


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The Backstory

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Will these pouches get delivered in time for Christmas?

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Packing tips

Planning a trip or quick getaway? It’s so important to stay organized when you travel and to learn to pack light.  I put together my top tips in a printable sheet. Just click on the image and save or print at home.

Stay organized when you travel with these packing tips

More tips to help you


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