5 Great Snack Ideas When Traveling With Kids

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Traveling with kids can be so much fun, but sometimes the actual flight or drive can make parents nervous. One way to ensure there are no meltdowns is to plan snacks in advance. That way you avoid overpaying for a limited selection of your child’s favorite treats and you have peace of mind knowing that your kid won’t go hungry… get hangry.

Snacks meriendas para avion #travelhacks

Healthy airplane snack ideas

When traveling with kids on an airplane, here are 5 great snack ideas that are healthy, too:

  1. Fruit: bananas, apples and oranges are great snack choices for domestic flights. During the summer, you can also try freezing grapes overnight and taking them with you in a zippered plastic bag. Keep in mind that when traveling internationally, many countries don’t allow foreign fruit to be brought in, so either eat it on your flight or dispose of it to avoid hefty fines.
  2. Pretzels: whether you buy individual snack size packages or just make your own snack bags with sandwich bags, this is a TSA-friendly snack that’s a crowd pleaser. Many brands now offer gluten-free pretzels, so this is a great choice for those with food sensitivities.
  3. Dried fruit: choose fruit strips (my kids love these) or dried fruits such as apricots, pineapple, blueberries or apple chips. Your local store may surprise you with the great variety available! Yogurt-covered raisins are also a huge hit with my own children.
  4. Cheese sticks: mozzarella sticks are portable, individually wrapped and can survive a few hours without refrigeration.
  5. Dry cereal: small cereal boxes are perfect for traveling, not only for breakfast but also as a snack. Some come packaged in a disposable bowl in case your child prefers milk with his or her cereal. In my case, I just make my own snack bag for each child using a resealable sandwich bag.

Candy to help alleviate ear pressure

Lollipops and candy are also in my carry-on bag every time I travel with my kids, because they help relieve ear pressure and also make my kids happy. Sometimes a sugar high is not so bad, especially if it’s a short flight.

If you are on a transatlantic flight or will be on a plane for more than 3 hours, I strongly advise against overdoing the sugary snacks. After the high, comes a low, and with younger children in particular, it’s best to avoid anything that can make them crankier or even more impatient.

Traveling with children

Do you have any other healthy snack ideas that are portable and can be carried with you on a plane? Please share below! 

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