What To Do With Halloween Candy Leftovers

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Halloween is by far one of kids’ favorite holidays. However, many parents get overwhelmed with how to limit and organize all the candy and sweets kids get after trick or treating. Here are a few tips.

Halloween candy leftover tips

  1. Set limits and clear rules. Before heading out to trick or treat on Halloween, explain how much candy is the maximum allowed for each family member, and when they can eat it. You can also tell your kids that they must brush their teeth after enjoying their stash.
  2. Safety first. Teach your kids that there is one rule they need to follow: nobody eats candy before an adult approves it. Please take a minute to dispose of sweets that are open, look old, suspicious or damaged. Candy that’s expired should be thrown away. If your child has any allergies, read the ingredients before even opening any candy.
  3. Sort your candy. Count together, classify them according to type, choose your favorites, and separate them into groups of equal amounts. In addition to practicing basic math concepts, you can limit consumption.
  4. Explain that once the sweets are inside your home, everything belongs to everyone. That way you can better manage and distribute evenly.
  5. Get creative and make a science project or activity. Find out what educational activities you can do with all the sweets like the ones here or here. You will be surprised by how much fun you can have with candy!
  6. Sharing is caring. Explain to your children that many children and families lack access to candy, and that if they make a donation, more people can enjoy them while they are still fresh. Select a cause of their choice (veterans, orphanages, nursing homes, hospitals, etc.) and personally deliver the sweets or mail them . You can also share the stash at work!
  7. Save for later. If any of your children  has a birthday around Halloween, save the candy to fill the goody bags or the piñata. You can also use candy leftovers to make small gifts for Thanksgiving or Christmas.
  8. Bake! Find out what cookie recipes can do together using leftover chocolates. Here is a great M&Ms cookies recipe.

Do you go trick or treating with your children on Halloween? Or do you simply raid their candy stash later?

Halloween Candy Leftovers

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