This Swimsuit Campaign Shows Off Stretch Marks And It Will Inspire You

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A swimsuit campaign with no retouching seems highly unlikely. Almost like a contradiction. We’ve become so accustomed to images of women that have been retouched to perfection in magazines, advertising and media in general, that we’ve come to consider that the norm. That’s why Target’s newest swimwear campaign that features no retouching seems revolutionary. However, it’s just beautiful women looking like they ACTUALLY look.

Target swimsuit campaign shows unretouched photos. It's inspiring and empowering!

The swimsuit campaign’s beautiful women

Target’s website identifies the four models as “content creator and dancer Megan Batoon, pro skateboarder Lizzie Armanto, model and body activist Denise Bidot and TV host and model Kamie Crawford.”

They did a great job of choosing a diverse round-up of models.

All of the women featured are beauty incarnate as well as inspiring. Can you tell how much I am loving Denise Bidot rockin’ her HOT mom-bod?

She’s gorgeous, confident and looking so confident.

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Moms everywhere please adopt her #stretchmarksdontcare #noshameinmygame attitude. Remember, our daughters are watching and taking cues from us.

Hopefully, the success and attention from this campaign will lead to more of the same. Imagine how much more confident all women and girls would feel if we became accustomed to images of women that have not been retouched and images of women who are representative of all our bodies, not just some bodies.

We may “know” that the perfection we usually see on display is not real, but if our eyes are consistently fed a feast of pore-less, cellulite-free, stretch mark-less depictions of the feminine ideal, then our brains become conditioned to normalize what is NOT normal. Instead, let’s normalize normal.

Message to retailers, advertisers and anyone looking to make a buck off females: Go ahead and adjust the contrast, color and lighting of photos, but let the women look like what they actually look like because your customers are un-retouched.

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