How To Prevent Dry Skin

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Many women suffer from dry skin, but a dermatologist gave us excellent advice to prevent it. Perfect timing, we might add, because in the fall and winter there is less humidity and many of us even suffer from itchiness related to dryness.

Dermatologist and beauty expert, Dr. Latanya Benjamin, explained that it’s crucial to choose products for our skin type. She also stressed the importance of reading labels. Soaps, body gels, washes and other cleansers might have ingredients that only make our skin drier and prone to irritation or itchiness.

Do you have dry skin? Does it feel worse in the winter? Here are 3 tips that can help you take better care of your skin and prevent dryness.

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3 tips to prevent dry skin

  1. Choose your body soap wisely. Read the ingredients’ list carefully, because not all are good for your skin. Dr. Benjamin explains that some body products may contain aggressive cleaning ingredients similar to those found in dishwashing soaps. Harsh ingredientes can eliminate the skin’s natural lipids and get rid of proteins that help maintain the skin’s natural hydration. She recommends using a formula free of sulfates like Dove Body Wash. If you prefer a body mousse, I highly recommend the Dove Shower Foam; I use the shea butter foam and am addicted.
  2. Avoid hot showers!  Resist the temptation of relaxing with a hot shower. It can actually damage your skin and remove its natural protective barrier, which leads to dryness and even itchiness. “I tell my patients that a good way to know if the water is too hot, is to see if their skin is red after rinsing,” explained the doctor. If so, the water you used was too hot and you should lower the temperature ASAP.
  3. Watch out for stress. Stress levels can have a detrimental effect on the entire body. The prolonged presence of cortisol, the hormone that is released when faced with stress, causes a chemical reaction that can make your skin more reactive. This can cause acne outbreaks. Remember to take some time for yourself, exercise or go for a walk. With Dr. Benjamin we did a yoga class and it really helped clear our minds. She also reminded us that we need to sleep well to take care of our health, and not just our skin.

Do you have dry skin?

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