Detoxing Your Life Is Easier Than You Think With These Simple Tips

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Many people go on detox diets but forget that toxic thoughts and people can really do a number on you. That’s why I’ve been actively seeking out the positive and slowly but surely trying to get rid of toxic things in my life.

How to detoxify your life

It’s a challenge, for sure, but much easier than you think. Of course, there are certain limitations. For example, sometimes you can’t avoid interacting with toxic family members. Since I want to inspire you to detoxify your own life, here a few simple tips to get you started.

5 tips to help you detoxify your life

  1. Talk to yourself as if you were your best friend.Whenever you’re about to say something negative to yourself, pause and reflect whether you would use the same words if you were talking to your BFF. Words count, especially when we’re criticizing ourselves.
  2. Don’t engage with toxic people. You won’t change others, so minimize your interactions with those who bring you down or always have something bad to say. Also, keep an eye out for those who constantly complain, whine or criticize. Chances are that as soon as you turn your back, they’ll have something negative to say about you.
  3. Start small. When detoxing, some people take an all or nothing approach, but it can be overwhelming. Taking small steps is more realistic and will make you feel empowered and that you’re moving in the right direction. For example, unfriending all your toxic friends on Facebook is a lofty goal, but perhaps you can begin muting those who are always full of negativity. You’ll quickly see how your feed improves.
  4. Apply basic positive reinforcement. This means you need to ignore the negative and pay more attention to the positive. Nurture those relationships that bring joy and positivity into your life, while you start distancing yourself from those who try to catch your attention with snarkiness, aggression or by being mean.
  5. Stress less with simple solutions. Outsource whenever possible; for example, since I started using a grocery delivery service, I feel I regained so much time! I also prefer products that multitask or have added benefits. 

Are you surrounded by toxic people? How do you deal with toxicity in your life? Share your best tips and let me know if you’re succeeding at detoxing.

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