10 ways to drive women mad…with anger

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10 ways to anger a womanA lot has been written about how to make women happy, but it’s more useful to find out how to drive women mad with anger. This comes in quite handy if you need to know what NOT to do when seeking peace and harmony in your relationship. Or you might be a strange person and actually prefer conflict, so you’re looking for which buttons to push to rock the boat. In that case, these tips will surely drive any woman mad… with fury. I strongly advise against doing these things, but to each their own.

To drive a woman mad:

  1. Tell her she looks fat.
  2. Ask why she’s so tired, especially if she stays home taking care of your family.
  3. Make a remark along the lines of “your friends look so much better/skinnier/prettier/relaxed” than you.
  4. Criticize her choices and actions as a mom.
  5. Ask for her opinion and then proceed to do the exact opposite of what she says.
  6. Figure out her pet peeves and keep on doing what she perceives as bad habits. For example, leave the wet towel on the floor. You get more anger, though, if you leave it on the bed.
  7. Make sure to pretend to be extremely busy anytime she needs you or asks for help. You can even proceed to channel surf with your remote to make it even clearer that the TV is more important than she is.
  8. Overshare and overstep certain boundaries. Do in the bedroom stuff that should be done in the privacy of the bathroom. Certain things are not meant to be shared.
  9. Ridicule her and make fun of her, especially in front of other people. Tease her in front of her family if you really want to make her angry.

10. Take her for granted and never show any sign of appreciating her or what she does. Cap it off by never saying that you love her.

Are there any other things that you would add to this list? If you have any other suggestions, please comment below and we might do a follow up post.

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