Bizaardvark Inspires Kids To Express Their Creativity

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BIZAARDVARK stars Olivia Rodrigo and Madison Hu Disney Channel’s new series Bizaardvark is creating a loyal following among kids, both on TV and on YouTube, mainly because so many aspects of it ring true. It’s no coincidence, though, because the show has writers that are youtubers and it also recruited famed Viner Jake Paul. What sets this show apart is that the kids who express themselves through video are not doing it just for the fame.

Bizaardvark creatorsFor Kyle Stegina, co-creator of Bizaardvark, the core of the show is the dilemma of fitting in, especially for Paige and Frankie. “They go to this school where they don’t fit in and you know until they find Vuuugle, basically our version of YouTube. And why it’s so important for them is that it’s this bastion of strange, weird creativity.”

“We were trying to create a different type of girl for the Disney Channel,” said co-creator Josh Lehrman. “Throughout the episodes of the show these are two girls who are very creative. Their focus is not on boys.”

Olivia Rodrigo, who stars as Paige Olvera, thinks this sends a powerful message to kids. “You don’t have to be on a TV show or on Broadway to be able to express yourself.” DeVore Ledridge, who plays Amelia on the show, agrees. “Even if you don’t fit in certain areas, there’s always something for you.”

Bizaardvark rehearsalFor executive producer Eric Friedman the cast is just incredible. “They are all so funny I let them do their own thing sometimes,” he says. The also get along so well that Jake Paul feels they have become a family.

The series premiered a few weeks ago and will now move to its regular timeslot of Sundays at 8:30pm EDT with an all-new episode premiering on July 10th.

Are your kids watching Bizaardvark already? My daughter is!

Also, don’t miss the bonus clips the Disney Channel is uploading to its YouTube channel. In every episode Frankie and Paige make a video that you can watch over and over again with your kids on the web.

Disclosure: I was invited on a press trip by Disney but I did not receive any compensation for this post.

BIZAARDVARK new Disney Channel show

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