Check Out Beyoncé’s Epic Baby Shower

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Beyoncé, who is very pregnant with twins, had a fantabulous baby shower and you know that Beyoncé does not do basic. Nope, her shindig was extra, but not too extra because Beyoncé is always just the right amount of extra.

The appropriately dubbed “Carter Push Party” was held in a luxurious tent festooned with pillows, printed fabrics and gorgeous rugs. It somehow managed to be glam and casual.

In February, Beyonce announced that she and Jay Z where excited to make their 5-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, a big sister to twins. No word yet on when exactly we can expect the Carter twins, but it’s lookin’ like soon, don’t you think?

The event was co-ed as you can see from this photo of Beyoncé getting her grove on with hubby Jay Z.

It will come as no surprise that Beyoncé looked ravishing because of course she did. When does she not?

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She wore a bikini top and coordinating skirt ensemble that showed off an intricate henna tattoo adorning her protruding belly. Her accessories included a head wrap and a pair of the cutest sunglasses EVER. Meanwhile, Papa Z kept it simple wearing all white with an Africa-shaped pendant necklace.

The smiles the expectant couple had on display were by far the most beautiful accessories of all. They both seem to be radiating joy.

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So, who else was there?

Oh, you know, just regular folk like Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, who used to do the whole Destiny’s Child thing with Queen Bey, as well as the likes of La La Anthony, Vanessa Bryant and a preggers with her first child Serena Williams.

We may not have been invited to the baby shower, but isn’t it nice that thanks to social media we can still take a peek?

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