Make Grocery Shopping Healthier With These 3 Simple Tricks

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Healthy and smart grocery shopping tips via hispanaglobal.netGrocery shopping doesn’t have to be complicated when you’re trying to make healthier choices for your family and yourself. June is National Fresh Fruits and Veggie Month, so I teamed up with the American Heart Association´s Healthy For Good movement to show you how easy it is. You can join us here!

For me, it’s been a huge help to include more fresh and colorful foods in my meals. Each family is different and has its own tastes, but if you´re patient and persistent, you can start making small changes that can have a big impact on your health. What has worked for me is to eat more color in each meal, especially more greens. Instead of drinking juice, I’m infusing my water with lemon, fresh mint and oranges. Then my kids tend to follow my lead.

Grocery shopping tips

Here are my top 3 tricks for smarter and healthier grocery shopping:

  1. Make a list! Before I leave the house, I do a pantry audit, plan menus for the next 5 days and I check that I have the staples I need for healthy meal prep. Here are a few key ingredients to inspire you. Lists keep me on track and help me navigate the supermarket in less time.
  2. Start by shopping the produce aisle. Include lots of fruits and veggies; preferably those in season to save money and get the best flavor. Don’t think it’s a waste because they spoil faster. You just need to be more creative to get little ones to eat more of them. Smoothies are a great way to mix in more fruits and vegetables even if they are overripe, or infuse your water with fresh fruit. Another great idea? Grill fruit like peaches and pineapples during the summer. Finally, remember that out of sight means out of mind, so keep washed and cut produce in covered containers in the fridge. If they are visible and within reach, you and your family will eat them!

Tips to make healthier food choices

  1. Read the labels. Not all products are created equal. You might be surprised by what is included in your favorite foods. For me being healthier means avoiding added sugar (if it´s the first ingredient listed on a label, I think twice before buying it) and monitoring how much sodium and saturated fat is listed. Tip: the lower the amount, the better it is for your health.

Don’t be overwhelmed if you are trying to make healthier choices. You need to start somewhere! Then focus on how much better you feel and realize you´re not dieting, but rather improving your lifestyle. The American Heart Association’s Healthy For Good website offers an extensive suite of recipes and videos to help you. Also feel free to share your own tips so we can all be healthier together.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored collaboration with the American Heart Association and The Mission List, but all opinions are my own.

The views, opinions and positions expressed within this post belong to Hispana Global and do not necessarily represent those of The American Heart Association unless explicitly stated.


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