When you have kids, weekends are not for relaxing

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Weekends are for sports, birthdays and your child's social life when you're a parentDo you remember when you got to pick what you did (or didn’t do) during the weekends? That was then, this is now. You probably didn’t have kids or they were really young, so you had the final say when it came to planning what to do over the weekend. But even when you had final decision-making powers when your children were babies, you were probably too exhausted to plan anything. Now, once they start growing up (too quickly for my own taste) like mine, the moment Saturday arrives, it’s total mayhem.

Sometimes just by thinking about what lays ahead of me on any given weekend, I feel even more exhausted than during my regular work week.  Saturdays and Sundays fly by between birthday parties, basketball games, playdates, gymnastics competitions and school projects. Moms and dads never seem to take off the chauffeur cap! Plus, my kids’ social life and sports activities demand an extra budget. Between gifts and coach fees, we have learned to set aside extra money each month.

At times I do miss those days in which weekends were lazy. We didn’t have to rush out the door on a Sunday at 6:55 am to make it to a gymnastics competition. Lunch was not a rushed affair trying to make it on time for basketball training and we actually spent an afternoon at the pool or park instead of sitting inside a gym. Lately I fantasize about not having to do anything on a Sunday. Am I the only one? I doubt it.

However, when I see my son’s face light up when he scores during a basketball game and catches us looking at him or my eyes tear up when my daughter gets a medal or trophy as a gymnast, it doesn’t matter if I was tired.  When you truly love somebody, if their hearts are full, your heart seems to explode with joy. That’s exactly what happens to me when I see how happy my kids are doing what they love. My sacrifices are so small compared to the happiness and sense of achievement my kids feel. I know there later will come a time to sleep, rest and relax. In the meantime, I’m learning to just go with the flow and bask in my children’s smiles.


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