13 Amazing Latina-Founded Businesses

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Hispanic Heritage Month is a great moment to celebrate Latina-owned businesses that are making an impact with their unique products and solutions. Latinas are the fastest-growing ethnic group in America. And with that growth comes an increased need for representation in all aspects of society, including entrepreneurship.

I’ve compiled a list of 13 Latina-owned businesses you will love! This is me simply expressing my genuine admiration for these women’s entrepreneurial spirit. It’s not easy to build a business from the ground up and it’s not for everybody. Small business owners face unique challenges and even more so when it’s a minority owned business.

Amazing latina owned businesses to inspire youMany Hispanic entrepreneurs have found success by following their passions and creating products or services people can’t live without. I hope these businesses inspire you, whether you’re Latina or not. Whether you speak Spanish or speak English with an accent. If you have a business idea, learn more about these fabulous women and see if maybe their stories can help you make your own dream a reality.

Latina-owned businesses to inspire you

We’ve rounded up 13 Latina-owned businesses we love so you can support them too.

  • Flor de MariaFlor de Maria Rivera was born in Peru and migrated at the age of 14 with her family to the United States. You may know her from her stints as a TV host, style and beauty expert. She now is a successful entrepreneur, after designing  her own line of shoes. Her sexy and stunning sandals have been worn by A-list celebrities around the world, including Adamari Lopez, Thalia, and Normani. Her slouchy boots also come in different calf widths, a huge plus for me!
  • Tata Harper: Colombian-born Tata’s eco-luxe skincare products are free from synthetic chemicals and preservatives while still maintaining high performance standards. A pioneer in natural luxury skincare, Tata couldn’t find 100% natural products that were up to her impeccable standards of efficacy, quality, and purity. So she started Tata Harper Skincare to make them – for herself, and for women like her who refuse to risk their health for beauty. 
  • Crafty Chica:  Crafty Chica is a platform created by trailblazer Kathy Cano Murillo that showcases her colorful creations, from books to mugs to bookmarks. A former syndicated newspaper columnist, I’ve known Kathy for years and she is one of the kindest and happiest people you will ever meet. Bursting with creativity, she has created product lines for HSN, Bisque Imports, Madison Park Greetings, and Riley Blake Fabrics.
  • Welcome All Beauty: Founded by TV personality and motivational speaker Gaby Natale, Welcome All Beauty offers natural looking hairpieces in different textures and colors. Gaby is a true inspiration because she wanted to be inclusive from the moment she created her company. Her hairpieces are super easy to use and look amazing.
  • Canticos:   This children’s book publishing company creates bilingual books in English and Spanish. It has quickly grown and has captured the hearts of Hispanic parents in just a few years. An artist, entrepreneur, and mom, president and chief creative officer Susie Jaramillo realized the songs and stories of her childhood were missing in the U.S. She wanted to raise her children to love their culture and heritage, so she brought these songs and stories to life for a new audience with adorable animated characters and music.
  • Alamar:   Alamar is a colorful beauty line based in South Florida. Founder & CEO Gabriela Trujillo was born in Cuba and at three years old, immigrated to the USA. Her palettes and lip glosses are wonderful. They have a variety of colors for all skin tones, which I love. Plus, the names pay homage to our Latin American roots.
  • Golden Tangerine: Designed and handcrafted in small batches in the Mediterranean, like in the old days, but for the fun days ahead. Every piece is made with 925 Sterling Silver and semi-precious stones that will shine on you forever and make everyday a special occasion. Descendant of fourth-generation jewelers, you will always see cofounder Deborah Singer supporting other women and any cause related to kindness and female empowerment. That’s why some time ago we launched together the Love Yourself bracelet.
  • Karla & Co: Karla and Co is an online clothing store filled with bilingual t-shirts and mugs. The funny and sometimes snarky sayings have led to a cult following and honestly, I love wearing her t-shirts. I also have so much fun following Karla’s Instagram! Use code Jeannette20 for a special discount.
  • Reina Rebelde:  Cruelty-free makeup company Reina Rebelde was born out of Regina Merson’s passion for makeup and extreme pride for her cultural identity as a Latina. Growing up in Mexico, her makeup obsession started with the telenovela “Rosa Salvaje” and her cosmetics line has won awards and even was featured in Target stores.
  • Hija de tu madre:    Hija de tu madre is a company created by designer Patty Delgado. The goal of Hija de tu Madre is to create fashionable statements of identity. It caters to Latinx who question everything, while paying homage to our history, culture, and identity. The brand is an ode to mujeres who are unapologetically Latina.
  • FeppyBox: FeppyBox is an English-Spanish bilingual subscription box that launched in 2020 and has been growing steadily ever since. Founder Ronit Shiro, born in Venezuela, named the subscription box Feppy, because it merges Feliz & Happy together, and because it’s just fun.  Each FeppyBox includes stories, music, and games designed so children can learn, laugh, and live in two languages.
  • Mariela Bagnato Beauty: Argentinean celebrity makeup artist Mariela Bagnato bravely launched her own line in the midst of the pandemic and she constantly sells out of her top products. Her false eyelashes are simply the best. I’m also a huge fan of her makeup sponge and lash applicator tool, which has been a game-changer for me.
  • Lil’ Libros: Patty Rodriguez and Ariela Stein started creating high-quality bilingual storybooks for children in English and Spanish because they couldn’t find what they were looking for. In a world with a shortage of bilingual books for children, two mothers began their mission to introduce bilingualism and Latin American culture through picture board books. Lil’ Libros was created to inspire parents to read to their children and encourage them to do so in two languages. Their books have also been featured at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Latinas are amazing!  We have been making a mark in the beauty, fashion and wellness world. There is nothing more powerful than seeing women come together to share their stories with pride for who they are and where they came from. Let us know if we missed some of your favorites.


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