15 Must-Follow Top Latina Foodies on Instagram

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Latina foodies abound. After all, we love food. La comida es vida y punto (food is life). Without it we can’t survive and those of us who are really lucky, can eat food not just to survive. By that I mean that we can create meals that satiate hunger as well as bring pleasure; we can also use food as a way to explore other cultures and share our own.

Some Latinas have taken their love of food to a different level, and provide us with constant mouthwatering inspiration. We have updated this top Latina food accounts to follow on Instagram to include not only celebrity chefs but also true pioneers in the recipe blog space.

I invite you to salivate over and be inspired by the following top Latina foodie Instagram accounts, not only during Hispanic Heritage Month but year-round. You won’t regret it!

15 Latina Foodies You Should be Following On Instagram

Top Latina foodies with mouthwatering Instagram foodie accounts
  1. @brenherrera

Follow along as Bren travels, cooks and makes TV appearances. Keep an eye out for her fantastic pressure cooker recipes.

2. @mamalatina

One of the first Latina bloggers, Silvia Martinez not only develops her own recipes and shares them on her blog MamaLatinaTips.com, she also won The Great American Recipe on PBS.

3. @lacocinadevero

Veronica is the author of “La cocina cubana de Vero,” so of course you’ll find Cuban delicacies on her Instagram account, but you’ll find dishes from all over Latin America as well.

4. @lacooquette

Maria is a busy mom of 3 and a true multitasker. She travels, she cooks, she makes videos and exuberantly takes a bite out of life.

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5. @maurahernandez

The author behind the food blog The Other Side of the Tortilla shares photos of scrumptious meals as well as images that will inspire you to live colorfully.

6. @patijinich

The James Beard and Emmy nominated host of PBS Pati’s Mexican Table is on fire and her Instagram account is lit.

7. @presleyspantry

You know the saying las penas con pan son buenas (sadness with bread is good)? Well, this account has got you covered on that front. Nicole has so many delicious recipes!

8. @dominicancookingblog

Clara, the Dominican tía (auntie) and cook behind this account always has incredible recipes.

9. @piloncilloyvainilla

Who said healthy eating is boring? Check out Ale Graff’s Instagram to see how delicious and healthy vegan food can be pretty, too.

10. @ingridhoffmannofficial

Ingrid is a celebrity chef, cookbook author, activist, & TV Host. her Instagram is full of delicious recipes that are also healthy.

11. @cheflorena

Another celebrity chef that is the real deal, Lorena Garcia not only is a published cookbook author but also the founder of CHICA restaurants.

12. @muybuenocooking

Yvette Marquez will make you drool just by looking at her Instagram account, cookbooks and website. Follow her right now!

13. @lasrecetasdelaura

Laura Muller has found a way to make traditional Mexican recipes healthy and shares them on YouTube, Instagram and her blog. She also has a second account in Spanish.

14. @my.dominican.kitchen

Go follow Vanessa, who just published her gorgeous cookbook The Dominican Kitchen.

13. @sweetlifebake

Vianney not only cooks delicious dishes, but also is a master cocktail creator.

Seriously, go and follow these women. They will give you meal inspiration ideas for days.

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Top Latina foodies with mouthwatering Instagram foodie accounts that you should follow

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