Side braid tutorial for girls

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If you’re looking for a side braid tutorial that’s so easy even a little girl can do it, search no more. My daughter did this hair tutorial in which she shows you how to do her favorite braid, which actually involves 2 braids. The best part is that it only involves 6 steps, so anybody can do it.

DIY side braid for girls

  1. Apply a detangling spray or leave in conditioner, especially if your daughter has long hair. We use Johnson’s NO MORE TANGLES® Leave in Conditioner and Detangling Spray.
  2. Make a side part.
  3. Do a small, skinny braid that begins at the temple. Secure with a hair elastic.
  4. Gather all the hair in one hand by the other ear, including the skinny braid you already did, and braid all the hair.
  5. Secure the finished braid with another hair elastic or tie.
  6. You may also add a bow or barrette to polish the look even more. In this case, Sofia secured the bow where the two braids join, right over her ear. Another option is to secure a flower in the same area.

My daughter also wanted to share another of her hair tips. I know she’s only 8, but it’s a quick tip to use the skinny braid as a headband. Here’s the video she did:

Encuentra estas instrucciones en español aquí


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