The Gift of Celebrating a Birthday

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Celebrating a birthdayThe way you approach a birthday may change over time, because when we’re young we usually want to be older and once you’re older, many times you might wish you were younger. However, each birthday should be a celebration of life. A celebration of goals that you’ve met. Of all the times you’ve managed to get up after falling down.  But most of all, a celebration of being able to smile even after any tears that you might have shed.

Because life is a constant challenge. That’s why it can be incredibly fulfilling or terribly frustrating. However, it is worth every second and whenever we are facing less than stellar times, we need to remember that we just need to hang on and weather the storm. As I’ve shared on my Instagram before, the sun is always there even if the clouds are hiding it.

Today is my 41st birthday and I am so blessed to be able to celebrate it. In times of joy I cannot help but think of those who left us too soon and whom I wish I could hug again. I miss them but their absence also makes me reflect about how precious time is, and that we need to make the most out of our lives, no matter how long or how brief they are.

Thank you for allowing me to do what I love, for following me around while I embark on one adventure after another and for showing me how real virtual friendships can be. You make this journey so special and on my birthday all I can do is how my gratitude to you and to life in general. Today you have made me feel so loved that you have filled my heart with joy. So, thank you and let’s toast to life.

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