5 Ways Your Second Pregnancy Is Different From Your First

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Pregnancy the second time around

Being pregnant the second time around is TOTALLY different than being pregnant for the very first time. A lot of the difference comes from knowing what to expect and also being in a completely different place in your life because you are already a mother. I wouldn’t say that second pregnancies are better or worse than first ones, they’re just different. Por ejemplo:

1. You are WAY more tired. Sure your first pregnancy may have worn you out, but now you can’t just lay down and rest because you already have a kid and that kid does not in the slightest want to give you a break just because you happen to be pregnant.

2. You feel the baby “kicking” much sooner. It might just be that you know what it feels like so the first time it happens the second time around you know it’s the baby moving and not a pedo (gas) trying to get out.

3. You take help where you can get it. The first time around when people offer you help you’re kind of shy about taking them up on it, the second time around you bust out with a list of stuff they can do for you because mami needs ayuda and plenty of it.

4. You forget how pregnant you are. La primera vez you were like “I’m 14 weeks, two days, 10 hours and 12 minutes pregnant.” The second time you’re like “No sé, I think I’m due in June sometime or maybe July. I just hope the baby comes before it gets too hot.”

5. You pack light. When you showed up to the hospital to deliver your first baby, the staff was worried you were moving in because you brought so much stuff with you. Not the second time. The second time you bring the bare essentials because you know you aren’t going to be in the mood to read Vanidades or People en Español.

The one thing that doesn’t change the second time around is how amazing it is to see and hold your baby for the very first time. It’s EVERYTHING.

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