Yes, working moms get tired

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Tips to improve your blog without spending a dimeAs a working mom, there are moments in which you are pulled in so many different directions that it’s impossible to feel you have it all together. Your energy level reaches new lows and your memory seems nonexistent. Of course, all moms get tired. Despite being mere human beings, we learn to overcome sleep deprivation, manage to juggle multiple responsibilities, and coordinate all the aspects that affect our family’s life on a day-to-day basis. Working moms just seem to have more people that expect things from them and the stress can add up.

On my latest post for Babble, I share my moments of guilt and how I believe that you can’t have it all at the same time. Even if you can do it all, I don’t think you should. There is always a price to pay, whether with your health, lack of sleep, irritability, or simply feeling overwhelmed.

Despite not having the answers or the solutions, I still love being able to show to my kids that women can have careers; that they don’t need to choose between their families and their jobs. Our life might be chaotic but I’ve learned to embrace it. You can read more and see whether you feel the same here.

Español: Sí, las madres que trabajamos nos cansamos


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