Welcome to Hispana Global: be, feel and do your best

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Welcome to Hispana GlobalHispana Global is your one-stop resource for tips, trends and opinions about different aspects of the modern mujer. We share a language, español, and our culture, but we are totally unique. Here I’ll share some of my passions: beauty, family, travel, social good, food and technology. I also tend to go to many events and I will showcase some of the lovely people I meet.

You don’t have to be Hispanic, Latina or anything to enjoy this site. I like finding what’s similar to connect with others, while respecting and embracing what’s unique to each one of us. Hispana Global is all about connecting, respecting and learning, to help you be, feel and do your best!

Come, browse, read, comment, contribute… the doors are open. Because globalization is about connecting no matter where you are. If you’re on Facebook, join us over there as well and keep up to date with our feed on Twitter.


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