6 Simple Tips To Make It Easier To Unplug As A Family

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6 simple tips to unplug
Special thanks to Google’s Digital Wellbeing tools for sponsoring this conversation through the Forward Influence Network.

By now we all know we need to unplug more to connect in real life with those close to us. However, sometimes it’s easier said than done.

Since the digital world and social media are part of my job, it’s an even bigger challenge to set limits and have a more balanced relationship with technology. As a mom, I also want to teach my kids how to use tech in a healthy way. That’s why it’s super important for me to model the behavior I want to see in them.

Did you know Google has created digital wellbeing tools to help families minimize distractions during the day, and unplug more easily when they want to? It also offers helpful resources, such as the Family Conversation Guide, expert advice and video content. There’s also a self-reflection tool that serves personalized tips and tools for your unique digital wellbeing goals. That’s why I partnered with Google again to bring you tips that have helped my family and me.

Tips to help you and your family unplug

Here are 6 tips that help me make it easier to unplug:

  • Start small: any changes can seem overwhelming unless we break them into smaller, actionable pieces. Set a modest goal that is attainable and realistic.
  • Turn off social media notifications: each alert, banner and notification becomes a distraction. You might not even notice how many times your eyes turn to your phone, but those around you might feel you’re distracted.
  • Establish a tech-free family moment every single day: for us it’s dinnertime. Create your own digital wellbeing plan using Google’s Family Guide.
  • Set screen time daily limits for each family member: yes, that includes parents. Our children learn more from our actions than our words. Use app timers to manage the time you spend using specific apps. You might be surprised at how much time you dedicate to social media! For kids, you can set up reminders when it’s time to take a break from apps and tech devices.
  • Do something fun together as a family: whether it’s walking, riding a bike, playing board games or cooking, the idea is to have device-free moments that are fun.
  • Make sure devices are configured for bedtime or Do Not Disturb mode at night: not only is this important for adults, but also for teens and tweens. Google Digital Wellbeing tools make it super easy to configure and you can even use voice activation. Sleep is essential and unplugging at night really helps improve the quality of the rest you get.

If you or your kids don't know how to unplug, here are 6 practical yet simple tips to help improve your digital wellbeing.

To discover more tips and tools, visit wellbeing.google to find a balance with technology that feels right for your entire family.

If you or your kids don't know how to unplug, here are 6 practical yet simple tips to help improve your digital wellbeing.

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