How a simple gesture can turn a bad day around

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Call a friend that needs you.Some days are painful to get through.  You just wish you had stayed under the covers and could have slept the entire day to skip whatever did not work out as expected. You know things will get better, that a crappy day does not a crappy life make, and that you will work everything out, but at that moment, you just want to hit refresh. Or go to bed so you can wake up and have a new beginning.

We forget that just as things unexpectedly didn’t turn out well for us that day, a pleasant surprise can happen at any moment and make it all better. In my case, as I dealt with a failed business deal, stomach aches, my daughter’s knee scrapes, unexpected expenses and plain exhaustion, my phone brought me what I needed.

A friend whom I hadn’t spoken to in months and that lives thousands of miles away had seen my Facebook status update about having a bad day. So she called. Despite the fact that she is even busier than I am. That she is a mom just like I am. She felt I needed a hug and just dialed my number.

In this world of text messages, tweets, emails and Facebook likes, just hearing her voice and realizing that she not only read what I wrote but that she cared enough to make a call, meant the world to me. It brightened up my day, even if night was already darkening the Miami sky. Sometimes we forget how a simple gesture can turn a bad day around, how it can make a huge difference in a person’s life. Not because you solve the problems that other person has, but because you care enough to realize that person is going through something and took the time to actually have a conversation.

So today I woke up energized, hopeful and so thankful. It is a new day and it is even better after once again seeing the beauty of friendship in action. It’s the small things that make all the difference. It always is.

Dedicated to my friend Jyl.

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