7 Things All Moms Miss

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Things Moms Miss

Ay Mamita, just when you think you know what you are getting into when you become a mom there still is so much that hits you by surprise. Sure you knew things would change, but you had no idea just how much you would miss certain basic things you always took for granted. Check out these seven things all moms miss:

1. Sleeping

You love sleeping so much that you used to have dreams about sleeping when you were actually sleeping. Now that you are a mom you think of sleep as a hobby you don’t get to do enough of.

2. Alone Time

There was a time when all you had to do was close a door if you wanted some alone time. Now if you want just a few seconds of alone time you literally have to hide. Let’s face it: it’s not really quality alone time when you get a hanger caught in your hair.

3. A Relatively Spill-Free Life

Okay, so every once in a while there would be a spill in your life before you had kids. Now, your life is pretty much one spill after another. Moms become experts at cleaning up spills of all kinds.

4. Watching Cartoons You Actually Like

Remember when you would watch cartoons like “Family Guy” because it’s freakin’ hilarious and then you had kids and your kids wanted to watch it too and you realized just how inappropriate that show is for children?

5. Eating Hot Food

You cook, you serve and by the time you are done feeding your little critters who go berserk when they are too hungry, your own food is cold.

6. Going to Grown-Up Restaurants

Dinner out used to mean going to your favorite restaurants. Now it means going to your kids’ favorites. Why can’t kid-friendly restaurants be more parent-friendly? Just sayin’!

7. Ignoring Laundry

Ropa sucia used to be no big thing because if you ran out of clean undies you used to just go buy some more. But when you have kids, your entire life revolves around your home not being taken over by the piles of overflowing laundry that seems to reproduce by the minute.

What would you add to the list? Moms, please chime in!

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