5 Tips To Have The Best Year Ever

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Although I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, I do believe that it’s worthwhile to kick off January with good intentions and positive energy. It’s a new cycle in many ways. If you want to have the best year ever, there are several tips to set you up for success.

How to have the best year ever

Many people do find goals and resolutions useful, but for me, they are fertile ground for frustration and disappointment. They can be reminders of lack of discipline instead of inspiring me to work towards something I really want. That’s why for some time I have user a different system: I analyze what I must change so that the new year is better than the one that ended.

I also made a video with useful tips that you can find here on my Jeannette Online show. It’s in Spanish but you can enable subtitles in English.

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5 tips for an amazing year

Maybe this approach to kick off the year will help you, so here are 5 tips to make sure this new year is the best one ever.

  1. Don’t be frustrated by what you did not accomplish last year.
    If you had certain goals that you didn’t achieve, let them go. It’s normal to feel a degree of frustration but don’t allow yourself to be absorbed by that negative energy. Accept that you did not achieve your goal and then move on. Concentrate your attention on what you can do in the coming months.
  2. If you are a perfectionist, try to lower your expectations. This does not refer only to others, but to yourself because too many times we want to achieve something that is not humanly possible. If you are more realistic, you’ll see that it is possible to be happier with less: less stress, less anxiety, less frustration.Plus, done is better than perfect.
  3. Trying your best is good enough. Even when it wasn’t enough to achieve a specific goal. We can’t control what happens to us; only how we react to what happens to us. That means accepting that even our maximum effort falls short. It doesn’t mean that your effort was in vain. Better reflect on the experience and learn from it for the future. Remember: experts agree that failure is a part of success.
  4. Review whether it was worth spending too much energy on certain things, events and people. If you got too overwhelmed by certain household chores, suffered from toxic interpersonal relationships or tried to make everybody happy except yourself, it’s time to see how you will change that.
  5. Stay away from negative people. Pessimism is contagious. It’s much better to surround yourself with positive people who support and uplift others.

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Many people like to do rituals to attract good vibes in the new year. If you feel that it helps you, go for it! It can help you start a new cycle.

5 Tips To Have The Best Year Ever

However, for me, changing your attitude is what really works best. Star in your own life. Create your opportunities and stop being a victim. You cannot change your past but you are in charge of what you do with what you survived. Wishing you the best year ever!

Dreams don’t work unless you do

More tips for the New Year

Tips to have the best year ever

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