5 Tips To Flatter Your Body Type

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Learning to flatter your body type with the clothes you wear can be life-changing. No matter what size or shape you are, you should feel confident and beautiful in your own skin,

This fitted dress in navy shows off my curves and my shoulders. Photo by Nicolas Stipcianos.
This fitted dress in navy shows off my curves and my shoulders. Photo by Nicolas Stipcianos.

Learning to love your body type is a process for most of us, but it is truly rewarding. Confidence is not only beautiful but it also makes you feel happier. One of the things that worked for me is learning to flatter my body with clothes that highlight what I love and that downplay what I feel insecure about. Yes, we all have insecurities and that is okay, as long as you don’t let them overpower you.

Tracy Robbins and Jeannette Kaplun
With my friend Tracy Robbins

There was a turning point for me a few years ago. I honestly dreaded each wardrobe fitting before I taped new TV shows, but my stylist at the time, Tracy Robbins, showed me how good I could feel if I stopped fighting my body and rather dressed for it. It’s been years and I feel I get better and better at identifying what works best for my body type and personal taste, without comparing myself to other women who might be younger, slimmer and more beautiful.

I want to look the best I can, but that also means feeling comfortable in my own skin.

White broderie blouse with blush undercover slimming bra

5 tips to flatter your body type

5 tips to flatter your body typeHere are a few tips I have learned to love my body type:

  1. Work with your body, not against it. Highlight what you love, whether it’s your waist, your legs or your shoulders. In my case, I’m pear-shaped, so I try to accentuate my waist but not my hips. Another one of my friends, who is more of an apple-shape, always shows off her beautiful legs. Also remember that light colors and anything with beads or patches will draw attention to those areas, while dark colors will diminish it; choose wisely what to call attention to!
  2. Don’t hide under excess fabric or clothes that are too large for you. If you wear a size that’s too big, you will look bigger. A great trick is to highlight your waist with a belt right under your bust to tailor a loose top.
  3. Fitted, not tight clothes work best, especially if you want to look fashionable and chic.
  4. Find the best underwear that will give you support and look smooth under your clothes.
  5. Buy only what you love how it fits you right now. Don’t just purchase something because it’s a great buy, because it’s on sale or to motivate you to get fit. Even if you do end up losing weight, you never know how the clothes will fit.

Do you have any other tips to embrace your body and feel confident in any clothes you wear? Remember it’s not about what size you wear, but how YOU feel.

5 tips to flatter your body type


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