Instead Of Candy, Fill Easter Eggs With These 15 Things!

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ideas for filling Easter eggs
I have a confession to make: my kids are sugar freaks! They love sweet treats and really the only people I can blame for it are my husband and me. We are the ones that have helped developed their sweet tooth by doing things like rewarding them with sweets, as well as making just about every special occasion and holiday be synonymous with “give me some candy!”

Time to mix it up a bit I say. For Easter, I’m gonna go easy on the candy and fill their eggs with non-sugary treats.

15 ideas for Easter eggs that aren't candyFor a second I thought I might have a hard time coming up with alternatives to put in those multicolor plastic huevos my kids love to hunt for, but in no time at all I came up with a list of goodies I know my kids will love. Check it out!

Non-candy ideas for Easter eggs

  1. Stickers: Stickers are always a hit with my kids and I’m not gonna lie: I kind of like them, too.
  2. Erasers: We are heavy into the eraser years so my kids can always use a new one or five.
  3. Temporary Tattoos: Kids love those temporary tattoos and they are easy to fit into those little eggs.
  4. Whistles: You might want to give whistle-filled eggs to other people’s kids. Cue the evil laughter.
  5. Fun Band-Aids: Band-Aids are like a fashion statement among younger kids.
  6. Dried Fruit: A nice and healthy sweet treat. Think raisins or dried cranberries.
  7. Balloons: Balloons will never go out of style. Just don’t give them to kids under 3.
  8. Marbles: Bring back the marble games of yore!
  9. Nuts: Provided no one is allergic, nuts are a great snack option.
  10. Coins: Cash is still king, right? Just don’t use these with kids under 3.
  11. Toy Cars: Small toy cars that can fit in the eggs are fun for both girls and boys, don’t be so gender-specific.
  12. Play-dough: You can either make your own or buy some and put it in the eggs.
  13. Bouncy Balls: Another toy that never goes out of style.
  14. Goldfish Crackers: They come in so many flavors and most kids love them.
  15. Sponge Capsules: You know those little capsules that you put in water and they grow into some kind of spongey critter? Love those!

Note: all of these ideas are safe for kids 5 and older.

Image via fredarmitage/Flickr and canva

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