What Strong People Hide (And What They Need To Learn)

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jeannette kaplun new headshotWe all know strong people. People full of courage who always get up when they’re knocked down, when they stumble or somebody trips them. Those who seem to push forward even when circumstances should hold them back. Those who not only help others but revel in doing so. They are even capable of doing it all on their own.

But how well do we really know that person that appears to be so strong? Has that friend or relative ever reached out to ask for help? You probably do know certain sides of him or her, just not the vulnerable layers that every human being has. On the other hand, since strength seems to be her or his middle name, seldom will that person ask for help because they do feel qualified to manage whatever challenges they might face.

What most people don’t realize is that even strong people need a helping hand. Quite often, that person wasn’t even born with that inner strength. Most of the time courage and strength are a byproduct of life’s circumstances. That person did choose to make lemonade out of lemons, regardless of how sour they might be. However, the strongest amongst us realized that the only real choice was to toughen up and become as self reliant as possible, because even if everybody else fails them, they will always have themselves.

Strong people don’t suffer less. They might hide it. They might cry silently when nobody sees them. The last thing they want is pity because it would be a sign of weakness, something they promised never to feel again while they were seeking the strength to carry.

Strong people haven’t stopped needing others. Perhaps they feel that when they have needed somebody, they have failed them or had different priorities. In that sense, some are strong because they truly didn’t have any other choice but to rely on themselves.

So the next time you are next to that friend or loved one that sometimes seems to have supernatural powers, just remember that she or he is a human being like everybody else. If the strongest person you know is facing difficult times, because of health, personal or professional issues, don’t expect to get a request for help. It won’t happen. Surprise him or her just by being there. That way you will show them that you can be strong and trust somebody else to have your back. You will show that not everybody fails others in times of need. That those who really care can be counted on for support. That there is no weakness in asking for help but rather great courage in recognizing our limitations. Above all you will be showing the power of reciprocity and that although he or she is totally capable of handling life without anybody else’s help, there’s no reason it should be that way. That is a beautiful lesson for all.

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