Samsung Galaxy S5: kid proof and water resistant!

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Samsung Galaxy S5 kids modeHaving a smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S5 when you’re a parent means that your mobile device will be used by little hands to play games or take pictures. The problem is that it’s too easy for kids to accidentally delete an application, change the settings on your phone or even access inappropriate content. Worse: accidents happen and all kinds of liquids can end up spilled on your phone. So what’s a mom or dad to do?

After testing the Samsung Galaxy S5 I realized that is ideal for parents like myself. It not only is water-resistant but it also has a great app to childproof your phone. Kids can play with your phone but accessing only what you allow and if they spill a glass of water on it, you don’t need to stress. Just keep in mind that being water resistant is not the same as being waterproof, so no snapping pictures at the bottom of the pool!

What other features make this new phone so unique? The camera is fabulous, capturing very beautiful colors and the 5.1” screen itself is a great size with wonderful resolution. Sharing photos is super easy with other Samsung owners or and you can also record high-quality video. As if that were not enough, the battery lasts much longer than other smart phones I have tested, as it is larger and the Galaxy S5 has a setting that allows you to save energy. Finally, it includes a very useful heart rate monitor for sports and fitness fans and it includes a fingerprint scanner.

How to protect your smartphone from children

Enable Kids Mode easily with the Galaxy S5. You just need to download the free app and set up your preferences to specify which games are allowed, whether your child can access the camera and even select how much screen time is allowed. It really is a great solution. Basically you create a special profile for each child with his or her name and picture. When they borrow your phone, tap the icon to enable Kids Mode and you’re done!

Keep in mind that this mode is excellent for young children but not for tweens, because the interface will seem too childish to them. It is also too easy for them to discover how to remove it, so keep that in mind.

In any case, if you’re looking for a powerful and fast smartphone with an excellent camera, large screen and the ability to survive young kids, the Galaxy S5 is right for you.

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