Meet Snoopy, Our Newest Family Member

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Snoopy the MalteseIf you know me well, you probably never thought I would be writing this post to share we now have a puppy called Snoopy.

For years (yes, years) I refused to give in to my daughter’s pleas. She has been very persistent, and even did research on the benefits of having a pet. She made tons of promises and delivered on all of them. So it came to the point in which I was the only one saying no to the dog.

It’s not that I dislike dogs. I actually love them. Yet I do know that they are a huge responsibility and commitment. As a working mom pushed to the limits on any given day, that also travels every few weeks for work, my biggest concern has always been how we would manage to take care of a dog. Of course I knew the answer: me. No matter how many promises your children make, the reality is that they hardly spend any time at home during the school year.

During a moment of weakness (perhaps, temporary insanity even) I promised my daughter I would take her to a pet store if she did not ask us to get a dog.  One Saturday afternoon we went to see rescues, puppies, grown dogs and even teacups at different locations. But my daughter and a fluffy white dog seemed to fall in love instantly. It was the first dog she played with, and he looked at us as if he was daring us to go home without him.

We almost succeeded. We left once but our daughter begged after an hour to go back to see him one more time. I knew that once they saw each other, it would be heartbreaking to try to separate them.

I was right.

After much negotiation between my husband and I, my daughter burst into tears of joy. She wouldn’t stop crying as she held on to her puppy for dear life. The white fluffball looked at her in adoration, and we were all goners. We Facetimed our son, who simply could not believe we now had a dog and wanted us to get home quickly to meet him.

That, in a nutshell, is how Snoopy became a part of our family.

Snoopy Maltese puppyThis 3 lb Maltese, born on May 5, is a very sweet dog, but he definitely has his personality. My kids chose his name, and he started responding to it quite quickly. I still haven’t figured out the logistics but I hope everything works out.

In the meantime, wish me luck. And patience.

I know the effort will pay off, but I feel just like an exhausted new mom.  In the meantime, make sure to follow Snoopy’s adventures on Instagram and my own Instagram Stories. He loves to keep me company as I work!

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