8 signs your kid is turning into you

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Signs your kids are turning into you

I always hear moms talking about how they are turning into their own mothers, and it totally happens. It’s happened to me, but can we please talk about how are kids are turning into us? I mean it makes sense that it would happen, but I guess I never realized how apparent it would be and how early on it starts to happen.

Check out these eight signs that your kid is turning into you:

  1. You child has a minor coronary when you are leaving the house in a rush with wet hair and says, “Mami, you can’t go out with wet hair. You are going to get a resfriado.”
  2. You step out of a room for a second to get something and your kid gives you a lecture about how you left the light on.
  3. You think you’re being all casual chic by wearing your lounge pants to morning drop off, when your child says, “Are you really going to wear your pajamas out of the house?”
  4. You’re in a public place where some child is having a meltdown, and your kid makes eye contact with the tantrum-thrower’s mother and gives her a knowing look as if to say, “It’s okay; been there, done that.”
  5. You try to throw away a broken bit of crayon and your kid says, “What are you doing? That’s still good, don’t waste it!”
  6. That Netflix binge-watching of a whole series thing you have developed… Yeah, your kid does it too, but instead of watching “House of Cards” she’s watching so much “My Little Pony” you want to sock Rarity’s uni-horn right off of her cute little head.
  7. Sure you’ve been accused of being a backseat driver by your husband, but your kid needs to have a whole new term invented, because she seems to think she’s a better driver than you are as she sits buckled into her 5-point harness car seat and says things to you like, “Whoa, slow down mom. We’re not racing!” or “Easy on the brakes! You made me spill my juice box.”
  8. It’s not all bad though. Sometimes when you are sitting there looking sad for no reason at all, your child will come over and give you just want you need: a big hug and a kiss. It makes you happy because you know exactly where she got that abundance of affection from: YOU!

What signs have you seen that your kid is turning into you?

8 signs your kid turned into you

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