Top Back to School Tips for Parents

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Back to school can be full of mixed emotions. It’s an opportunity for children and parents alike to start fresh and get back into routine, but it can be overwhelming at times with all the decisions that need to be made. You can start by making a checklist with everything they’ll need so it can be checked off as it is purchased or packed away in their locker on move-in day. 

These back to school tips for parents will let you save time and money. Plus, find how to make easier the transition to in person learning.

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5 tips to help parents during back to school season

To help you out, here are a few tips to help you and kids before school starts again. 

  1. Make a shopping list. Only buy what you need. Grab your list and see what you have at home before you go shopping. Also, take advantage of special offers, especially online and when you use store apps.
  2. Keep a fully stocked first aid kit handy. Have one at home and another in your car. That way you can be ready for anything with bandages, antiseptic wash and disinfecting ointment. Even if you have a kit already, go through it, check expiration dates and replenish anything you need.
  3. Stock up on snacks. Dried fruit, cereal bars and fruit pouches come in handy during busy mornings. Prepackaged muffins and brownies also are convenient choices.
  4. Start readjusting bedtime if you haven’t already. Each night make kids go to bed 15 minutes earlier than during summer vacation time.
  5. Protect your family’s health. Wear masks indoors, wash your hands frequently and make sure all vaccines are up to date. That includes the covid 19 vaccine for kids 12 and over. If your child is heading to in person school, label masks and include a resealable bag to store the masks during lunchtime and outdoor sports.

6 Ways You Can Help Your Child’s Transition To In Person School

Do you have a little one heading back to in person school soon? If so, you both might be feeling anxious about the transition. It’s not easy for kids to leave their summer fun and enter the classroom, especially after being online for such a long time.  

However, it doesn’t have to be a negative experience. The following back to school tips can help ease your child’s transition back into in person classes and give them the best chance at a successful back to school experience:

  1. Do back to school shopping together.  Your child will feel more excited and empowered if they are part of the process.  You can have fun picking out clothes and new books together, taking some of the burden off of them and making this experience a good one for your little one. Look online or in person at backpacks, lunch containers, back-to-school shoes and other supplies that you might need as well.
  2. Plan back to school social events where your child can get together with friends before the first day of school. This way they won’t be so nervous about entering the classroom! If you are concerned about their health, organize the get together in a backyard or park so the children can be outdoors.
  3. Allow plenty of time before the first day of school to get everything ready. Label supplies, put them in the backpack, and go over your list to make sure you didn’t forget anything. You don’t want your child rushing out the door only to find that they are missing any essentials. 
  4. Make sure your child understands why he/she has to go back-to-school. Explain the benefits of being in a classroom so they feel excited.
  5. Listen to your child’s concerns yet focus on the positive. Acknowledge their feelings and fears, and then address their concerns. Remember to highlight that school can be fun, that it is exciting to see and meet new friends, and that teachers are doing everything they can to have the best school year ever. 
  6. Be prepared for some back to school sleep deprivation. It can take some kids a little while to readjust after being home without an early wake up time. Remember that younger children might not say they are tired but act crankier than usual. Try to readjust their bedtime schedule in 15 minute increments.

These back to school tips for parents will let you save time and money. Plus, find how to make easier the transition to in person learning.Are you excited for children to head back to school?

These back to school tips for parents will let you save time and money. Plus, find how to make easier the transition to in person learning.

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