5 Diet Myths You Need To Be Aware Of

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Beware of these 5 diet mythsSo many of us try to lose the extra pounds they gained over the holidays by buying into fad diets. It’s tempting, because who doesn’t want to quickly go back to their usual dress size with minimal effort?

Be cautious, though. As Natalie Castro, R.D., chief wellness dietitian for corporate wellness at Baptist Health South Florida, points out, “the problem is they’re filled with empty promises. Dieters may see initial weight loss but often regain the weight they took off.”

That’s why instead of dieting, I prefer to make healthier choices when I am planning my meals and try to stay as active as I can. Some changes are easier (avoid added sugar, drink more water, walk at least 3 times a week), while others require a bit more effort (reduce portions, avoid saturated fats), but your health is worth it. If you can, it is worth it to consult a dietitian so you can learn how to modify your eating habits to feel better.

A healthy diet and more active lifestyle yield better weight loss results

5 False Diet Claims

So what should you look out for? Through my collaboration with Baptist Health South Florida I learned that there are several phrases that are a red flag to nutrition and health experts. Basically, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission tells us to be wary of the following false diet claims:

  1. Lose weight without diet or exercise!
 Getting to a healthy weight takes work and you will need to make an effort.
  2. Lose weight no matter how much you eat of your favorite foods!
 You will need to modify your food choices if you want to be healthier.
  3. Lose weight permanently! Never diet again!
 Experts warn that permanent weight loss requires permanent lifestyle changes.
  4. Just take a pill!
 Doctors, dietitians, and other experts agree that diet AND exercise are key to achieving a healthy weight. There is no magic pill.
  5. Lose 30 pounds in 30 days!
 Keep in mind that experts say that you should aim for a weight loss rate of a pound or two per week, because it the most effective way to keep the extra pounds off for good.

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Disclosure: this post is part of a sponsored collaboration with Baptist Health South Florida but all opinions are my own.


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