10 #GrowingUpWithMyName Tweets That Nail the Struggle of Being Uniquely-Named

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If you have a name that is even slightly out of the norm, then I’m sure that you know the challenges that come with it. People can’t pronounce it, or spell it, or remember it or on and on and on. That’s why as someone whose name is not spelled the way most expect it to be, I really got a kick out of these #GrowingUpWithMyName tweets that perfectly describe our struggle!

Now that I am a mother, I see my own uniquely-named daughters facing similar issues and all I can do is help them deal with it with a sense of humor. So for all the people who have names that others can’t seem to grasp, this one is for you!

11 #GrowingUpWithMyName Tweets That Describe the Struggle

You become accustomed to no one ever spelling it right on the first try. Ni modo.

As a student, you almost feel sorry for your sub.

If your name is in Spanish, you have to settle for the closest English version or go without a souvenir.

Freakin’ auto correct!

And it’s not just people who have a hard time with your name.

You learn to answer to anything that sounds even remotely like it might be your name.

You start to feel like a broken record, which is crazy because you don’t even own vinyl records.

At some point, you just give up and let people pronounce your name wrong because it saves you time and effort.

You get so tired of hearing the same old jokes.

And when someone actually gets your name right on the first try, you are so shocked you don’t even know what to do with yourself.

Can you relate to any of these issues?

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