A year full of dreams fulfilled at Hispana Global

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How can I thank you for allowing me to celebrate Hispana Global’s first year? Since I love to write, let me try to find the words to show you my gratitude, because thanks to you, this site is growing. If you didn’t visit it at all, I would have closed it down a while ago. However this new stage in my life has filled me with joy and makes me feel so proud of getting something new off the ground. To think that a year ago my husband, children, family (especially my parents and brother) and many friends had to push me to try something new, to be brave and to take risks.
happy birthdayThat’s why I feel I owe you big time. This year  is full of dreams that have been fulfilled thanks to your support. This bilingual blog has grown because you read it, because with other 12,000 fans you have taken the time to like our page on Facebook, watched our videos and have said you want more.

I am so thankful right now, too, because many companies, brands and agencies have trusted us to work together. It’s been so rewarding to partner with Fleishman Hillard, Edelman, C Com Group, Hunter PR, Golin Harris, Citizen, Ketchum, Boden PR, The Jeffrey Group, The Dream Team Agency, Siren PR, Trachtenberg, LV Communications, Alison Brod PR, The Dana Agency, Be Everywhere and so many wonderful agencies.

Special thanks

I know I will forget too many people if I begin mentioning certain names, but I feel I have to publicly recognize how much many friends helped me launch Hispana Global, even if they just listened to my crazy idea. Hispana Global is growing thanks in part to:

  • My husband: without your patience, love and support, it would be impossible for me to do what I do.
  • My children: because you understand that you need to share your mom with her career and you fill me with love every single second of my life. I adore you!
  • Ana Roca Castro: you always make time for me, to guide me, help me and pushing me to be brave and fight for what I want. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for everything you have done for me. Hispana Global would not exist without you.
  • Ana Flores: my dear friend, thank you for always lending me a hand even if I don’t ask for it. You are beautiful on the outside and the inside.
  • Susan Stipcianos: your wise words guided me during a tough moment in my life and I don’t think you even realize how much you helped me.
  • Catherine Connors: thank you for opening the doors to keep growing with Babble and for your trust. I admire you so much!
  • Eliana Tardío: you are so generous that you fill everybody that is lucky enough to know you with light. You always help me without expecting anything in return.
  • Lorraine Ladish: another great woman, writer, friend and a partner in so many adventures that I cherish. Thanks to you I write in English and you opened up a new world to me. You pushed me to try new things and you changed my life.
  • Denisse Icaza: you know how much I love you but I never get tired of repeating it. Because I am so lucky to have found a friend like you.
  • Laura Cárdenas: your words gave me the strength I needed and you gave me your friendship lifted my spirits.
  • Mayito Castillo: it’s a dream to have such a loyal reader like you.
  • Chrysula Winegar: amazing woman, philantropist, mother and a human being that is filled with light. You have taken me places I never imagined  I would know.
  • Morra Arons Mele: for making me see all small business owners go through similar challenges and showing me how social good can be  achieved while doing your job.
  • Jennifer James: a fabulous woman that not only has helped me with her sage advice, but countless others. She works tirelessly for so many causes.
  • My offline friends, that accept and love me even if I cannot share as much time with them as I used to, especially  Karina, Debbie and Lily.

Special thanks to other contributors such as Veronique de Miguel, Diana Limongi and Dania Santana. Cristy Clavijo Kish and Katherine Doble also cheered me up and have supported me.  I also value tremendously the support I have received from Univision, the Un Foundation, Shot@Life, Babble (especially Andrea Zimmerman y Dara Petinelli), Latinamom.me (special shout out to Maura Hernández), Latina Bloggers Connect, Multivu and PR Newswire. Please excuse all the omissions. I know I am forgetting too many names!

I hope we can celebrate many more years on Hispana Global. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

And in case you have come to a point in your life in which you’re not sure whether you can reinvent yourself, trust me when I say that it is worth it. Try to make your dream come true instead of wondering what if the rest of your life. Perhaps my Lean In story will inspire you.

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