Demi Lovato in concert is a force to be reckoned with (photos and video)

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Demi Lovato y Jeannette Kaplun

The first time I saw Demi Lovato performing five years ago at an event in Epcot, I I wasn’t impressed. I thought she was just another actress trying to leverage her fame to sell records. Back then I knew nothing of her inner struggle or the demons she was facing.

¡Closet Demi LovatoWhat a difference to see her on stage now! Thanks to an invitation from Tampax and its #BeRadiant campaign (official sponsors of the Demi Lovato World Tour), I saw a show full of talent, sensitivity and courage. No matter how many times you’ve seen a singer perform, when an artist gives herself entirely to her audience, it shows. That’s what happened during Demi Lovato’s concert at the American Airlines Arena in Miami on September 14.

The afternoon brought amazing and priceless moments with my daughter, because for a few seconds she met one of her favorite singers. Demi Lovato greeted us with a wide smile that made ​​my daughter blush and was very friendly. Then we went to see the red dress she wore at the MTV VMA’s, one of ther best red carpet looks ever.

Christina Perri

At 7:00 the first guests to take the stage were MKTO, who spread their energy around the American Airlines Arena. Then the talented Christina Perri, who exuded charm and talent, took the stage not only with her beautiful voice but with her musical talents when playing the piano. She was fascinating to watch.

Spencer West

Tremendously inspiring moment

When we thought Demi would come on stage, it was a time for inspiration. Spencer West, who I really didn’t know until the concert, managed to inspire every person in the arena. After losing his legs at age 5, being bullied at school and constantly fighting prejudice, Spencer has shown that there are no limits. He not only climbed the Kilimanjaro, but also has proven himself as an amazing humanitarian and motivational speaker. He constantly raises money for philanthropic causes such as Free the Children. In his speech he repeated again and again that he is a warrior, referring to the song by Demi Lovato that has become an anthem in the fight against bullying. Spencer West and Demi Lovato teamed up to help women in Kenya through Me to We last year.

Spencer left his wheelchair to stand up and call everybody to work for any cause they believe in. It was impossible not to get emotional. I loved that in the middle of a show such a beautiful effort was made to encourage everyone to help others.

Another talented surprise guest

Becky G Miami collage

Demi Lovato had yet another guest for the pre-show: Becky G, who is topping the charts with her hit “Shower.” Although she had some audio problems, it was a great surprise and everybody felt like dancing while she was on stage. She just joined Demi’s World Tour, so fans across the US will get to watch her live.

Finally the moment everybody was waiting for happened: Demi Lovato kicked off her show with  “Really Don’t Care” and everybody started singing and dancing. Throughout her show she tried to connect with the audience and shared her thoughts. She even stopped mid-song during her rendition of “Nightingale” to explain that she understood what one of her fans, who lost her father a few weeks ago, was going through. Demi remembered losing her own father and dedicated her song to the guardian angels that watch over us. It was just one of many touching moments. To everybody’s delight (including mine) she sung “Let it go” from Frozen . She played the piano like a boss and just before she sung “Warrior” she shared how she chose to celebrate her 21st birthday by doing something to help others rather than get wasted.

What can I say. I loved her show. This woman has lived through so much, suffered too much and has been criticized too much. I think the world is full of singers and actresses who have been through similar things, whether it is addiction, eating disorders or mental health problems like depression or being bipolar. However, what separates Demi Lovato from the rest is that she has chosen to share her fight and her new path.  She speaks from the heart, comes across as totally authentic and inspires her fans to be strong. I truly hope she manages to stay on this healthy path, because the world needs inspirational women like her.

Demi Lovato Miami concertDemi Lovato is a breath of fresh air and with her story she reminds us that what matters in life is not how many times you fall, but rather how many times you get up. Whatever happens to you if life, you can overcome it and become a warrior.

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Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post but I was invited by Tampax and the Radiant Collection to attend Demi Lovato’s  concert in Miami, Florida. 

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Demi Lovato in concert

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