3 Free Apps To Edit Your Smartphone Photos And Beautify Your Selfie

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Long gone are the days in which you had to know how to use Photoshop to edit your photos, because thanks to the smartphone era, there are dozens of free apps to enhance your pictures. I totally frown upon those who edit their pictures beyond recognition but I’m the first one to admit that there are days when a little help is more than welcome, especially after taking a selfie. Apps can also correct bad lighting or weird colors, especially if you intend to use the photo on your blog.

So many friends have been amazed at the apps on my smartphone and since they are super easy to use, here are 3 of my favorite ones so you can try them out, too:

  1. snapseed screenshotSnapseed: I found this app thanks to photographer Karen Walrond during a workshop at the EVO conference. At that time you had to pay almost $5 (which I did) for it and now it’s free, so don’t even hesitate to install it on your mobile device. It allows you to control lighting, straighten photos, blur, enhance colors and apply many effects that make a regular photo look extraordinary. Available for both iOS (iPhone) and Android..
  2. more beaute 2More Beauté 2:this free application allows you to beautify your photos, remove wrinkles, dark circles and give you flawless skin. If you go overboard your photo will look fake, so use cautiously. Sometimes you just need to simply brighten up your pictures without changing how your face looks. Available for the iOS system.
  3. youcam perfect appYouCam Perfect Selfie Cam:I just discovered this app and what I love about it is that it allows you to create collages and improve videos in addition to enhancing photos you’ve taken. It has options to contour your face, enlarge eyes or improve skin tone, plus many filters. There is such a thing as overdoing it, so avoid altering your selfies to the point that nobody recognizes you. However, I really like having so many possibilities to play with your photos. It’s available for both iOS (iPhone) and Android.

Hope you like and have fun with these free apps to edit your photos. If you have other suggestions, please share them with everybody in the comments below!

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