10 Teacher Gift Ideas for $10 and Under

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Gift ideas are always welcome, especially when it comes to thanking your children’s teachers. I came up with a pretty fun list of teacher gift ideas for $10 and under that I would love to share with you because it is totally possible to give a thoughtful and appreciative gift without spending a bundle. Check ‘em out!

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10 Teacher Gift Ideas for $10 and Under

Morning Mug

Heat Sensitive Mug

This heat sensitive mug changes expressions when it goes from cold to hot. Isn’t it cute?  Amazon, $8

Mug Warmer

Mug warmer

If you’ve already given you child’s teacher a mug as a gift, you could follow up with this dandy mug warmer. Amazon, $8

Post-it Pop-up Dispenser

Post it note dispenser

Wouldn’t this look adorable on any teacher’s desk? Yes, yes, it would.  Amazon, $10

Engraved Nameplate 

name plate

Can you believe you can get a personalized nameplate for so little money? Believe it! Just make sure you spell the teacher’s name right. Amazon, $5

Teacher Clips

Teacher clips

Could these be any more useful to a teacher? Rhetorical question, but the answer is probably not. Amazon, $10

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Monogrammed Key Chain 

Monogrammed keychain

Monogrammed gifts never go out of style and neither do key chains. Etsy, $8

Infinity Scarf

Infinity pashmina

This cozy and neutral pashmina infinity scarf is chic and won’t fall off and get lost. World Market, $10

Jewelry Holder

Jewelry holder

OK, so technically this is meant to hold jewelry, but it could just as easily hold paper clips or whatnot on a desk. World Market, $10

Tech Gloves

Tech gloves

These gloves are genius because one size fits most, they keep your hands warm AND they work on touch screens so you don’t have to take them off to use a cell phone. World Market, $8

Mesh Spinning Desk Sorter

Mesh spinning desk organizer

It spins, it sorts, it keeps things organized. Amazon, $7

Which of these gifts do you like?

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