10 Gifts For Kids, All $10 And Under!

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kids gifts under $10

It’s the season of giving, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the season of over-spending, especially when it comes to giving fun gifts to the kids in your life. I’ve put together this list of non-electronic gifts that make for great stocking stuffers or Hanukkah gifts. Aside from giving you options to choose from, I think they will also spark ideas for other playful items you can give that don’t cost an arm and a leg… or require batteries.

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10 Gifts for Kids $10 and Under

1. Uno


My family and I play this game all the time and we regularly gift it to other families because it never gets old. Amazon, $6

2. Design Your Own Bracelets

Design your own bracelet

This kit by Melissa & Doug is perfect for young and crafty little ones. They can put together the bracelets without parental help because it’s EASY. Amazon, $4

3. Shrinky Dinks

Shrinky Dinks

Can you believe they still make Shrinky Dinks? Oh, and they are still as wonderful as ever. There are all kinds of different kits available to choose from. Amazon, $6

4. Loteria


Please do not let the children in your life grow up with a Loteria deficiency. They need to know the joy of using beans as markers on their card. Amazon, $6

5. Dominoes


A life without dominoes is no life I would wish on any person. I’m kind of kidding. Amazon, $7

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6. Air Dry Clay

Air dry clay

Kids can make their own terra cotta pottery without having to use an oven or a kiln. Amazon, $10

7. Pik-Up Stiks

Pik Up Stiks

Trying to pick up a stick without moving the other sticks around it helps kids develop fine motor skills. Amazon, $4

8. Connect 4

Connect 4

Get four discs in a row and you win! It’s a classic. Amazon, $9

9. Checkers


Proof that good things never go out of style. Amazon, $7

10. Jacks


Remember onesies, twosies and so on so forth? Talk about hand eye coordination. Amazon, $9

Which of these is your favorite? Did any make you feel nostalgic?

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